Governo Japonês emite alerta depois de muitas queixas relativas ao lasik

O governo Japonês emitiu um alerta para que os pacientes tenham cuidado se decidirem ser operados com lasik. Foram enviados questionários a 600 pacientes operados com lasik, dos quais 40% reportou problemas de visão devido à cirurgia.
Gov't calls attention to risks of Lasik surgery
"TOKYO — The Consumer Affairs Agency has issued an official cautionary warning for individuals interested in Lasik eyesight correction procedures after reports of patients suffering blurred light perception and other problems have become more frequent.
After reports began to increase in frequency and severity, the agency conducted a survey targeting approximately 600 individuals who had received Lasik eye surgery. According to the results, over 40% of patients complained that they suffered from blurred vision and experienced difficulties processing light, often making it near impossible for them to see anything in dark areas."