Comentários de Portugueses com complicações de Lasik, em foruns estrangeiros

Lasik induced dry eye testimonial by L (Portugal)
"I can not travel by plane for an undetermined period, I work at my office only half day, I keep reading to a minimum, just as watching TV, I have not been to a cinema or theatre, I avoid closed spaces (the effect of tobacco is terrible). In short, I save my corneas to work. Besides that, I continue to hydrate aggressively my eyes (today I can do periods of 1 to 1.5 hours at day and 4 hours at night), I keep using cortisone, and doing some resting periods during the day. Regarding practical consequences and more or less structural: I changed my diet to try to balance my organism as much as possible, I try to reinvent my hobbies and work methods in order to reduce the pressure on my eyes, and everything that might have an impact in my corneas, and at last or specially that, I try to learn to live again with the accrued tiredness of yet another setback."
"well......i am from portugal n i have lasik in 18 of january 2010. I have dlk 4 on my right eye, n i am now farsighted. My doctor told me that i do not have to much scars or folds on my eye n the haze is almost gone, but my vision its not at all 100%. Well, i am depressing since the operation, n this forums give me some hope of recovery"
"I had my operation for free in an Hospital in Portugal. I was operated (LASIK) on my left eye on November 8, and a week later on my right eye (November 15). I was myope. On the first 2 weeks I had a sharp and clear vision, near and far, now, almost two months later and I have the same simptoms you describe. I have dry eye and my eyes itch a lot."