Professor de Harvard salienta que o lasik é um escândalo

Perry Rosenthal para além de conceituado oftalmologista e professor em Harvard, é também o fundador da Boston Foundation For Sight e Boston Eye Pain Foundation.
"The Scandal of Lasik"
How has it been possible that the well-documented, disastrous, permanent complications of these procedures have been ignored by the FDA—never mind the eye care professions? I have a confession to make. Despite my having been aware of the many blinding consequences of this surgery having treated many of them when I worked at the Boston Foundation for Sight, I too failed to act on my observations that these surgical procedures can destroy the quality of life of these victims."
"I did nothing until I became aware of a complication that had not been previously reported; long lasting and in many cases, probably permanent suicide-provoking eye pain."
"I would never have imagined that editors of scientific peer-reviewed journals, a vast, profitable manufacturing/marketing industry and even some practicing doctors would collaborate to hide these complications from the public and prospective patients. And what about the government agency whose primary responsibility is to protect the public?"
"This is a huge industry with tentacles that appear to reach the bowels of the FDA. In the meantime, I think about what will be happening to the vast numbers of the people who will be undergoing these procedures ignorant of their possible life-destroying complications. Shouldn’t they at least be able to make an informed decision?
I have been accused as having an over-abundance of naivety. But, I can no longer be silent."